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Need:  An OB surgeon dreamed up a novel device in response to an unmet medical need in their field of surgery. The surgeon wrote and has obtained a US patent to protect the intellectual property. The need was how to move from a patent towards the goal of sellable, FDA approved, medical device.


Solution:  ISE, over the course of several face to face meetings with the surgeon, created 3-D part models using Pro/Engineer. Subsequently, those part models were used to build 3 increasingly viable prototypes, the last one being a full size replica. ISE also designed and built a realistically proportioned and tactilely representative model of the human anatomy the device would be used on. The surgeon, following user instructions written by ISE, performed the intended medical procedure using the mock anatomical model to further improve on the design and user instructions. That device/design and prototypes were recently being reviewed by the surgeons hospitals marketing group. They are now looking for a medical company to purchase the patent, and go into production.    

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