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A US and German-based automotive supplier has years of experience designing and building diesel turbo-chargers.  Each new design typically starts with a previous design plus a few custom additions that are application specific.  In the traditional workflow process of modifying a past design in order to create a new design, a very slight mistake was made and overlooked.  This mistake, once out in high volume production, cost significant dollars to identify, diagnose, and fix.  This customer realized the extreme cost of small mistakes and also realized that these mistakes were preventable.


ISE developed a Pro/WEBLINK user interface that runs within Pro/ENGINEER (Creo) in the browser.  This HTML UI allows the user to build a new turbo with drop down selection simplicity.  Once built the UI passes the design direct to the CAD model which configures all parts of the turbo assembly.  Purchased parts are then pulled from the data management system and cast/forged parts are created.  Drawings and tool paths are output for a complete new design and are then available to check back into the data management system as a new program. 

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