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A major company assembles surgical kits for its Surgeon customers. The kit contains operating tools that are packed in a sealed bag in a certain order based on a surgeons need. Different surgeons have different requirements. The layout of the items has to be in a specific arrangement and consistent with each order. The company assembles hundreds of thousands kits each year. They needed a design/layout tool to plan each kit order for assembly.


The Impac Systems DA team created and deployed an AutoCAD tool that aided the kit designer to place each piece retrieved from the orders bill of materials.  The tool automatically creates the appropriate drawings and performs a validation that the drawings are correct and consistent with the order BOM. Lastly, generation of a parts list interface to the robotic parts picking system.


Impac Systems DA team utilized the .NET API provided for AutoCAD to create both an interactive solution within AutoCAD and batch process to allow for individual parts to be swapped out in multiple drawings. In addition, Impac Systems DA team supplied updates to facilitate greater automation and consulting services to assist the internal team on how to improve and normalize their internal data structures.

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