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A mining company needed some engineering expertise that they didnt have in-house, so they contacted Impac Systems Engineering. 

The Problem

Three quarters of a mile down, the underground lakes are overhead.   A mining company is constantly cutting new production into uncharted territory.  One wrong turn, hit the wrong formation, and their entire underground investment could flood with water.  Ground penetrating radar can help detect formation changes, but it is adversely affected by metal.  Additionally, this sensitive electronic equipment must follow a rough ceiling as it travels along looking up into the earth.

The Solution

The project input consisted of an idea, a sketch, and an awesome LEGO model illustrating the approach.    ISE designed, analyzed, and fabricated a non metallic cart capable of firmly lifting a platform up toward the ceiling and following the rough ceiling contours.  The design uses fiber reinforced structural members, non-metallic bearings, hydraulics, and air bags.  The cart has high flotation industrial tires that travel on the soft, powdery ground.  Small pneumatic wheels are also located at the top, firmly pressed against the ceiling.  It holds the ground penetrating radar at a fixed distance from the ceiling.  Data is recorded and mapped as the machine travels along.

Impac Systems Engineering designed and manufactured the cart and they designed and built the crate used to ship it a thousand miles.  The unique aspects of this solution have prompted the customer to order additional units for other mines.

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