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The Fenner Story

This solution shortened the time from gathering requirements to placing orders. It enabled engineers and drafters to work on truly new and custom items rather than editing existing drawings. The entire process is so effective that it eliminated the need to hire additional engineering staff to perform this type of work.

The Company:

CDI Energy Products and EGC Critical Components, divisions of Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies, are industry leaders in the design and manufacturing of high-performance polymer seals and components for a variety of industries.

Part of the companies value-add service is their expertise in developing designs and materials to meet specific customer requirements. One such component is a packing assembly (a group of seals placed together to ensure sealability). Each assembly design is rendered into a 3D model and provided to the customer. The assemblies are essentially the same with only varying inside and outside diameter dimensions.

The Challenge:

As part of the design process, a sales team member would sit with a prospect and gather all requirements for the new seal assembly. That information would then go to the engineer or drafter to create a drawing with the appropriate dimensions and material. Sales would then go back to the customer, show them the drawing, and get approval on the order. This entire process could take several days.

The Vision:

An ideal scenario was for the sales team member to sit down with the customer and use a web-based application to enter application requirements. This system would immediately show how the seals work together and what materials would be ideal. Once the customer was satisfied with the product solution, the sales engineer could simply click a button to create drawings and the CAD system would automatically and immediately generate new drawings. The customer could then take those drawings and get approvals.

The Solution:

Impac Systems Engineering created an application that consisted of a user interface as well as the code instructing the CAD system to create new drawings. This was an ideal example of design automation.

Printed with permission from Fenner Advanced Sealing Technologies

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