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There is demonstrated, real value in using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to analyze products earlier in the product development lifecycle than has been possible under the common scenario of reserving this important analysis regimen for CFD specialists.

The pace of product innovation has also increased dramatically and is a primary contributor to companies' overall profits and market share.  Factors companies must address include increasing product complexity, the time and cost to create physical prototypes, and a lack of resources that can perform required analyses and simulations.

Product complexity continues to increase as engineers' abilities to develop more diverse products improve and as consumers demand more capabilities and personalization in what they buy. Complexity comes in many forms, including the embedding of electrical and software components in more products than was possible in the past.

Products must also be more ergonomic and environmentally efficient. For example, reducing the cost of using a product (e.g., using less fuel to run an automobile) is requiring designers and engineers to perform more and more sophisticated analyses earlier in the development process.

cfdThese factors present major challenges to product designers to create new and more imaginative products more quickly than has been typical, speed to market being critical to profitability. They want tools that enable them to conduct more comprehensive analyses earlier in the development lifecycle. That capability helps them explore more product design options, thus developing the most competitive product while avoiding poorly functioning, faulty, or low-quality products. Product analysis, testing, and validation take on increasingly time-critical roles in assuring that products reach the marketplace without crippling design flaws.

Impac Systems Engineering (ISE) has helped companies to make this paradigm shift by providing an accessible CFD solution that can be used by their engineers and designers who are not specially-trained in complex CFD practices. Embedding CFD analysis within the normal design environment (CAD) further enhances the value of this solution, allowing it to be used throughout the product definition lifecycle to guide decision-making and product validation.

This brings our clients higher-quality products as they strive to design innovative products while reducing the cost of product development and time to market.

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