Courses Offered

Mathcad 15

ISE offers Mathcad customers on-site training.  ISE provides a qualified instructor and materials. Customer provides conference room with projector, computers and licenses.

Course topics include:

  • Open and save Mathcad files.
  • Navigate the Mathcad workspace.
  • Identify and format math and text regions.
  • Develop and edit math expressions.
  • Define, evaluate, and use variables.
  • Assign an expression retroactively.
  • Define and evaluate user-defined and built-in functions.
  • Define, evaluate, and use range variables.
  • Use units in calculations.
  • Plot 2-D and 3-D graphs.
  • Solve for the roots of a function with a single independent variable.
  • Symbolically solve equations.
  • Numerically solve a system of linear and nonlinear equations.
  • Solve unconstrained and constrained optimization problems.
  • Solve ordinary differential equations.
  • Create a program within the Mathcad worksheet using Mathcads programming features.
  • Import and export data.
  • Smooth, interpolate, and regress data.

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