PLM can cut costs…

Companies with PLM installed have experienced real cost reductions?

Many companies have been surveyed regarding the success of their PLM implementations.  Some of their listed improvements follow:

  Reduction in the time spent looking for documents [from hours to minutes]

–  Reductions in the number of designed parts

  Increased component reuse

 Reduced duplicate part numbers

  Reduction / elimination of CCB meetings

  Reduced change request administration expenses

 Reduction in engineering change cycle time [from weeks to days]

  Elimination of using old [not the latest released] product data

One company I worked with sent the wrong version of the drawings to the factory floor.  This mistake cost them about $250k.

Another company was taking almost 60 days to turn around a change request.  They got that down to less than a week ? emergency changes happen in about an hour.

Early in my PLM experience, I was in an engineering department of a large aerospace and defense company.  They had a large number of drawings on a very large table.  I asked them how they knew which one was the latest released.  As you might imagine, that was not a simple task.  They could sort through them looking for the highest release number, but even then do you really know?  They didn?t.

If you generate less than 100 changes per year, the return on investment is real.  Start gathering your requirements today ? I can help.

Your Thoughts?

What has been your experience?