The #2 Reason Companies Don’t Implement PLM

Last week, I described the #1 reason companies don?t implement PLM solutions.  They are just too busy.  This week, the #2 reason?

Let me preface this blog by saying that my choices for #1 and #2 are not scientific, more anecdotal.

The #2 reason?

Companies don?t buy into the advertised benefits.

There are many different benefit stories, here are some.

  • Vendors talk up the hard dollar benefits, but the prospect doesn?t believe it will happen at their company.
  • Even if they buy into the benefits, they don?t believe that the cash savings will exceed the cost of the solution.
  • Vendors talk up how much more efficient they will be.  These prospects don?t believe that they are so inefficient that the savings will pay for the solution.
  • They have taken on big dollar projects before that didn?t pay off.
  • Their big dollar projects tended to get out of hand.  They required more people?s time, more money and took too long to implement.

Don?t get me wrong, some of the disbelief has been earned.  However, today the successes far exceed the failures.

There is a cost of not doing anything and most companies have no idea what that cost is.  Procrastination has a price.

Your Thoughts?

Do any of these sound familiar?  Do you know your cost of not doing anything?