Engineering Design Automation

Design automation projects have 3 basic components: the user interface; the desired output; and the software that makes it all happen.

Most often the desired output is a finished design, but there are other options.

We performed a design automation project for an automotive supplier.  They manufacture turbo chargers that they sell to a variety of auto companies.

Before the automation project, engineers would begin with a start part and modify it to fit the car for which it was intended.  Many of the modifications included alternatives that could be used for several cars.  Only about 20% of the modifications were completely custom.

We coded up a solution that provided the engineer with a user interface that allows them to select from the variety of common alternatives – basically a configurator.  Then they select ‘generate drawing’ and the software generates a new ‘start part’ from the input.  The new ‘start part’ for the engineer is now about 80% complete.  They add their customization [roughly 20%] to complete the design.

The solution saves this automotive supplier thousands of engineering hours per year.

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