Creo 3.0 Unite Technology Unites Multiple CAD Systems

Creo 3.0 Unite Technology

You get a request to finish a project you have been working on, of course you’re under a tight deadline. However, your client asked that you incorporate a couple of files into the project and then wham! They send you files that are not native to the software you are currently using.

Panic sets in, there’s always something that goes wrong when you try to open/import non-native files.

What do you do?

If you are using PTC’s latest version of Creo 3.0, with Unite Technology, you can insert most  files as if they were native files.

What is Creo 3.0 Unite Technology?

Creo 3.0 Unite Technology in enables CAD data of varying formats to be used directly in PTC applications.  In other words, I can create a Creo assembly and insert a SOLIDWORKS, NX, or CATIA part or subassembly directly into my design.  No translation is required.  No new business object (aka file) is created.  And no additional software is installed.  Assembly relationships can be created between non-Creo and Creo elements. In-context features can be created as well.  If the SOLIDWORKS, NX, or CATIA object is modified in its originating application, those updates get propagated into the Creo assembly almost as if they were native to Creo.  Granted, there is some voodoo magic going behind the scenes that makes Unite Technology unique, but it is transparent to the user.

Why does this matter?

Besides the cost of additional file management, the time spent on conversion, the likelihood of conversion errors, and the ability to modify geometry, Creo 3.0 is not able to Open all file types.  But, by M010, Creo 3.0 will be able to Import common CAD formats and by M030 it will be able to Save As competitive 3D CAD formats.  This bidirectional ability typically costs extra for translators with competing software, but comes included with Creo 3.0. More about Unite Technology

How Creo 3.0 Unite Technology supports more effective CAD Collaboration:

  • Open SolidWorks®, CATIA® and NXTM files directly in PTC Creo without the need for additional software
  • Import SolidWorks, CATIA, NX, Solid Edge® and Autodesk® Inventor® files into PTC Creo without the need for additional software
  • Enable higher levels of concurrent engineering between the product development teams and suppliers/partners/customers by allowing designers to quickly and easily incorporate CAD data created in other systems earlier in the process, create design intent across CAD formats and, as new versions of the non-PTC Creo data are updated in the assembly, ensure that any design intent build between the original part and the PTC Creo parts are protected when the part is updated.
  • Support on-time delivery by ensuring that consistency and integrity are maintained between in-house and outsourced design data over the course of product development
  • Promote the reuse and sharing of data
  • Eliminate the need to manage many secondary formats, and significantly reduce the need to export data in neutral formats. Data can be shared in customer/supplier’s native format

More about effective collaboration

Editor’s Pick: PTC Creo 3.0 Unites Multiple CAD Systems

A common CAD interoperability strategy at many engineering joints is to have a primary CAD system and scattered seats of other major mechanical and even electronic CAD in-house. That way they can cope with files from their big clients without fooling around with file translations.

This is a headache: It’s expensive, your clients may use an older or newer version of an application, and one CAD system or the other always needs an upgrade. So, it caught my attention when PTC introduced version 3.0 of its PTC Creo suite of design apps. More about Editor’s Pick


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